About Me

Anj Handa website photoHi! I’m Anj Handa. Welcome to my personal blog. Here you’ll find information on LOVE (You), my signature 1:2:1 coaching programme and my musings on life and work.

I’m described as a Diversity and Inclusion expert, non-executive Director, connector, writer and speaker. I want to see a fair and equitable world, where people feel enabled and seek to uplift others around them. My vision is a world where men and women operate on a level playing field and where gender-based violence has been eradicated

This is my driving force and I work with leaders to drive positive change in workplaces and society.

If you’d like to learn more about my business, then head over to the Inspiring Women Changemakers website.

To learn more about what’s brought me to this chapter in my story, you can click here. Alternatively, here’s my feature-length ‘Soul Journeys’ interview. It’s 45 minutes long, so I suggest you grab yourself a cup of tea first!

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £250,000

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