Personal & Professional Experiences

Professional ExperienceAnj Handa website photo

Diversity expert, NED, lobbyist, speaker. I work with leaders to drive positive change in workplaces and wider society.

Trained in public speaking, PR and media handling, I have spoken at venues as diverse as the House of Commons and the Palace in Brussels and have regularly been featured in the media for my award-winning campaigning work. I write as the Social Affairs Correspondent for The Yorkshire Times.

I’m honoured to be the Chair of theatre production company, Freedom Studios and an Independent Governor of Leeds College of Art. 

Prior to setting up my own business in 2011, I ran business networks based on sectors and themes (diversity, flexible working), bringing together businesses, the media, policy-makers and MPs to influence regional and national employment and skills policies.

Educated at Aston University in Birmingham and the University of Passau, Germany in International Business and Modern Languages, my earlier career involved working between London and Germany, holding bilingual business development roles in the IT/Telecoms sectors.

I’m a founder member of the Women in Business Network in Yorkshire.

Personal Experiences

I love to see people transform. Witnessing their lightbulb moments or hearing their gasps as they receive a sudden insight is an amazing feeling. My purpose has been to experience the tough stuff, learn how to navigate it and share what I’ve learnt through my writing and workshops.

I believe that we were all put on this earth to have experiences, learn from them and continue move towards the best version of ourselves.

There has been light

…international travel for work and pleasure; breathtaking views from mountain tops; presenting in diverse places, including the House of Commons and the palace in Brussels; media gigs; sweet affairs of the heart; leading passionate project teams; creating my own businesses; making art that gives people pleasure; and witnessing the power of connecting over 128,000 people through my End Female Genital Mutilation campaigning and fundraising work.

But stars can’t shine without darkness

…I’ve experienced too many bereavements to count, including friends’ suicides; serious illness; near-death experiences (mine and loved ones’); psychological abuse; supporting people through cancer; redundancy; friendship and relationship breakups; money worries and more.

How I handled the challenges

Each challenge required me to stay true to myself, to think about the bigger picture, bring my diverse skills into play… and still keep my sense of mischief and curiosity.

To help myself on my journey, I’ve studied neuro-linguistic programming, Mental Health First Aid, Reiki, growth mindset and a wide range of deeper practices.

These skills have enabled me to dive right into my pains and fears, revealing gifts within me that I didn’t know were there. I want to help you ignite too, by helping you to clear your blocks to reveal more of your authentic self through my signature coaching programme, LOVE (You).