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I passionately believe that the old ways of doing business aren’t working. People are fed up of lack of integrity, aggressive business behaviour and unwillingness to collaborate. As an experienced NED and workplace development expert, I have seen a rise in people seeking alternatives to organisations that continue to work in traditional ways.

To survive, thrive, and create value, you need your stakeholders on board to fully deliver on your strategic and operational plans. The added challenge is that stakeholders (your employees, your funders, your customers), often won’t tell you what’s on their mind.

That’s where outside help comes in. I can help you gain clarity on what’s going on under the skin of your organisation. I’ll coach you to be able to better engage with people inside the workplace and out. If you get this right, you’ll see measurable improvements in your triple bottom line.

A Case Study

Let me share an example: A recent client believed that they had an issue with customer service and that is where they had focused their attention. They’d also experienced a significant cut from one of their key funders. It was a real blow and resulted in unhelpful, knee-jerk behaviour.

Though 1:2:1s with their employees, it quickly became apparent that the staff were proud of their organisation, but the strategy around funding and resourcing hadn’t been linked to service delivery. Fundamental, right? Meanwhile, the costly business planning and operational plans they had developed were gathering dust in a drawer.

When the needs of stakeholders and service delivery aren’t aligned with your overall strategy, this is where things start to go awry. It’s a vital step that is often overlooked.

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My services range from Influence and Communication workshops, (public speaking, networking skills, social media, blogging); leadership in the workplace, leading stakeholder focus groups; conference facilitation; and equality and diversity training.

It starts with a conversation about your needs.

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